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Your Word

iO series 1 is now available at $5 USD equivalent value

What is iO?


Imagine trying to trade the things you have for the things you need. It sounds great if you're swapping an apple for an orange, but what if you need a spare tire or a hot shower and you're fresh out of booze to trade for it? What you need is a barter token. Now you have one... and it's a lot lighter than a case of whiskey.


iOs are not money nor are they crypto... they're real objects made just like casino chips. And because they're physical and carry zero exchange fees, they won't degrade in value, can't be inflated and won't disappear when the power goes out or your phone stops working. Think of them as stable coins for real life.


You can only get iOs in the physical world and only from your friends... the people you know and trust. Use them to barter and trade, tip your bartender or artist, make friendly wagers and acquire goods and services of all types at festivals and events wherever you and your friends get together to exchange values.

Backed by your word... and ours.


iO series 1


The series 1 chip was designed and minted on Saturday, January 23rd, 2021 and consisted of a run of 1000 pieces set at a $5USD equivalent value.

You can exchange your currency, good or items of worth (based on you and our dealer's estimation and mutual agreement) for one or more iO series 1 chips from us directly at any event where the i0 pavilion is found. Look for the i0 symbol on our flag.

At any time during the event, we will gladly exchange your i0 for USD, bitcoin or other forms of currency where available or for another good or service of equivalent value, no questions asked.


We give you our word so that you can offer yours.


Upcoming Events

FloteFest • Gause, TX • Apr 29 - May 3


You can acquire and use i0 series 1 chips at FloteFest, a gathering of agorists, voluntarists and community minded individuals in beautiful central Texas. Come join us for five days and four nights of meeting, mingling and making money... bring your skills, ideas and merch and discover how i0 can make bartering faster, easier and more fun.

And as a special bonus, if you sign up for the Flote social network at and follow us there, we'll give you a one time opportunity to go double or nothing on your first i0. Just flip it and let it hit our table. If it comes up heads (the i0 logo) you get a second i0 free. If it comes up tails, back in the pool it goes... but don't worry, we'll buy you a drink and maybe give you a chance to win it back.

Register for FloteFest today at and we'll see you there!

And while you're at FloteFest, be sure to keep an eye out for our special edition FloteFest 2022 iO tokens... a very limited release for this special event!

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